Bit-Punks Podcast Episode 02

Bit-Punks — Episode 02 (2010-10-25)

On this episode of the Bitpunks Podcast we discuss horror/scary games.  We also discuss Shantae, Fallout: New Vegas, Professor Layton: The Unwound Future, Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks/Phantom Hourglass, Minecraft, Deadspace, Halo Reach, Resident Evil 5, Castlevania. Phantasy Star, Space Channel 5, Nighttrap, Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Running Time: 1:25:46.

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Starring: Nate Baughman, Chris Driggers, Jason Poage, Kent Westmoreland.

One thought on “Bit-Punks Podcast Episode 02”

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to drop a note and say I’ve been listening and like what you guys are attempting. It’s true, the show is still rough, but you just need to keep at it until you find your “voice”. If you want specifics, I’d say, if you’re aiming this at a hardcore audience, spend a little less time describing the story lines of the games (unless the game is particularly obscure), and give us some stories about your play experience.

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