About The Bitpunks

Welcome to Bit-Punks.com, Lair of the Bit-Punks. Here you will find the Bit-Punks Podcast, a retro games podcast launched in September 2010, after the demise of the Retronauts bi-weekly podcast. We talk about Retro Games, remakes, de-makes, classic collections and anything else associated with Retro-gaming.

And the Bit-Punks are?


Nate Baughman

Rejected by wolves as a young cub, Nate foraged the forest until he found a pipe surrounded by mushrooms.  After many months in a hallucinogenic haze, he was saved by a young Shigeru Miyamoto, whom he regaled with his visions of a “Kingdom of Mushrooms” with a giant lizard who kidnapped princesses and their consorts.  Not long after, Nate began dressing in a red hat and over-alls.  Nate was eventually discarded when his cries of “It’sa ME!” began to shatter Miyamoto’s fragile psyche.

Chris Driggers

Chris Driggers

Having saved the kingdom of Hyrule (again) from the evil Gannondorf, Chris now spends his days mining minerals on the planet Korhal.  Prone to derisive shouts of  “Well exCUUUUUUUUSE ME, Princess!” when provoked, Chris has been known to disable enemies with his beam sword rather than kill them outright.

Jace Poage

Jason Poage

Corrupted by phazon while searching for his “baby”, Jason displays multiple personality disorder.  When angered he becomes ‘Dark Jace’, a being to be feared and loved.  On rare occasions he removes his Varia suit to record Podcasts.  He is not a girl, he just finds the Zero Suit comfortable.

Kent Westmoreland

19XX: Kent was created by the wise Dr. Light, as the first robot to feel pain.  His early career was spent drinking and marking his territory with his trusty robot dog: Gush.  He was eventually expelled from Robot City.  His voice became bitter and gravelly.  As a result, he was immediately given a spot on “Captain N, the Game Master”.

Katie Poage

Exiled to the unforgiving land of Russia, Katie found her obsession for the orderliness of blocks. Over and over she would have to place shapes to make a rectangle. Each time a 4×10 block was “cleared” a flash of light took it away. After months of this radical mental testing, the test subject Katie began to have delusions of music always playing and speeding up when mistakes were made. The experiment was the first part of ‘What makes a sane person crazy makes a crazy person sane’. Is she the sane subject, or the insane?